Department of Choir

The Choir Department of Music Society is a group of singing enthusiasts, usually singing in four parts (SATB), which is designed to create a vibrant and beautiful sounding song performance. Together we learn about various genres of songs, ranging from classical to pop, with keyboard accompaniment or in an A Capella (without accompaniment). Our members will not only be able to have the chance to perform in our society events, such as Spotlight, Choir and Chamber Music Orchestra Night (CCMO) and more, but they will also be provided the opportunity to be featured in many other events on campus or off campus as well!

We do not label ourselves as professional singers, but instead we consider ourselves a singing family; A singing family that supports each other and together we share and learn, ultimately bringing a refreshing voice for the university! For those who do not aspire to become a solo singer, do not waste your talents, as perhaps you will be able to define yourself in our choir!


Still have questions? Then why not drop it to us to answer? We will be waiting for your mails!