Our Story



“Well.. Music Society started like everybody else…”

Started around 2004, Music Society started off modestly as a community of like-minded music lovers and musicians. It survived its early years through the passion of committee to nurture musical talents and enrich campus life and slowly branding itself as it is today. Music Society through passion for music and some luck managed to make their trademark through the events ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Musical Talent Quest’.

“But.. passionate individuals made it great” 

Through the passion for Music Society, it was the actions of


Derick Ho who solidified the foundations of Music Society values and vision so that future committees can build a greater Music Society,
and continued consulting Music Society after he graduated.

‘Faz’ Zulfadzli Ridzuan gained the trust of the Information Services (IS). Soon afterwards, Music Society manages the sound system of
the Great Hall for the IS outside of office hours. And he started requesting for Music Jamming Studio in the Student Association Building in 2009.

Jolyn Khoo and Eric Liew for improving the sustainability of Music Society by providing stronger organizational management, and focused
transitions and streamlined their respective departments’ procedures,

The many individuals who donated their musical instruments and sponsored Music Society so that they can share their passion for music with UNMC.

Even then, it is more than unfair for not mentioning that these individuals were supported by their committees, peers and friends. Without these supports, these individuals would not have made a lasting impression for Music Society.However, without doubt; It is the quieter and more subtle deeds of Music Society’s performers and members that power the passions and drives Music Society forward.


– By Qamarul Arif Zainal, President of Music Society 2013-2014