Studio Jamming




What is music without a few jamming sessions
with your friends and band mates?


That is why we have prepared our Jamming Room solely for this purpose! Equipped with standard jamming equipment, from keyboard to guitars, and drum sets to amps for you to utilize and play, our Jamming Room is even furnished with comfy bean bags if your non-musical friends would like to tag along in your session!

So wait no more and start planning your next session today! But before you do:

Please read our Code of Conduct before placing your booking:

  1.  No FOOD and DRINKS are allowed in the jamming room. Only bottled mineral water is allowed.
  2. No shoes are allowed in the jamming room. Shoes are to be placed on the shoe rack provided outside.
  3. Maximum of 8 people are only allowed to be in the jamming room for each session.
    *This does not apply to our Music Society’s orchestra and choir members*
  4. Jamming room users are not allowed to take any of the cables or microphones without permission from the person in charge (room marshal) for the session.
    The setting up of microphones and any relevant equipments must be done by the room marshal.
  5. The person who booked the jamming room should bring along his/her student ID and Music Society member card (members only) for each session for verification.
  6. Response will be given out through email within a period of 2 working days after submitting this booking form.
  7. No on-the-spot bookings and any last minute bookings will not be entertained.
  8. No extension of time will be given if any individual/band is late for the allocated time slot.
  9. Cancellation of any verified bookings must be made at least one day before the booking day itself. Otherwise, the booking is still considered ongoing.

Still have questions? Then why not drop it to us to answer? We will be waiting for your mails!